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Birth Certificates

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Why Queue For Your Birth Certificate Application? Delegate Instead!

If you find that spending a minimum of three hours in a long, long queue at the Department of Home Affairs or the licensing department something you simply cannot bear or purely don’t have the time for and need essential documents to apply for a variety of things ranging from applying for a home loan, a university application or simply need your original birth certificate to enable you to qualify for a foreign passport, then call on the experts to assist. A birth certificate application is often part and parcel of an application process, yet few of us can actually take off the kind of time that this dictates.

If you find that your working day is simply too long and you cannot squeeze in making healthy meals, go to the gym, stand in bank queues, shop and buy flowers and gifts – life starts becoming a little sad and very bland, but there are many ways and means to make things happen in your life – all you need to do is to think a little smarter.

Start by de-cluttering your home and your office space, and throw out all those shabby items and memories that you have been hanging onto for dear life. Take charge this year and employ a bevy of workers, people and companies to do things on your behalf – in other words, delegate, delegate and delegate some more.

No-one stands at the Pearly Gates receiving copious medals for doing bundles of washing and ironing, raising kids and standing in queues.

Make 2013 the year you lighten your life and your load.

Get someone else to do your ironing, your washing, shop online for gifts and flowers, do banking online and for those things that you are unable to do online, recruit a company to do this on your behalf.

Very few of us have an entire morning or afternoon to stand in long lines to do those things like renewing licenses and getting your teeth into getting that important birth certificate application. Some information you may need:

  • For a Birth Certificate (Lead time - 4 weeks) :
    • The completed Application for a Birth Certificate (DHA-154) form,
    • The completed Notice of Birth (DHA-24) form if not a re-issue,
    • Minors completed BI -288 form
    • The Informant who completed the form must attach ID copy