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Vehicle Deregistration ...

The process to deregister your vehicle can often make an already unpleasant experience worse. You need to deregister your vehicle if it:

  • Has been stolen,
  • Has been declared permanently unfit,
  • Has been demolished,
  • Or becomes exempt from registration for any other reason.

You only have three months from the theft or damage of the vehicle in which to deregister it. Do you have the luxury of time to visit the traffic office where you will wait in queues for hours, even days?

Don’t queue! Let us save you precious time by queuing for you. For a nominal service fee, a Don’t Q representative will make sure you have gathered the correct documentation, visit the relevant traffic office and stand in the queue on your behalf, collect the deregistration certificate and deliver it to you.
All you need to provide us with is:

  • A completed Application for Deregistration of Vehicle (ADV) form,
  • A completed Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR1A) form,
  • Supporting documentation, such as an affidavit that the vehicle has been stolen or is unfit for use,
  • A clear copy of your ID,
  • And the sum of any outstanding fines.

The transaction will take roughly 2 days to process.

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