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Drivers Licence Application

Lady holding a key and drivers license

Every five years, an official notification to renew your driver's license will arrive in the post. If you don’t renew, you may liable for a fine if caught driving without a valid driver's licence. Do you have the time or the extra money to take care of this hassle?

No? Then let us queue for you. For a nominal service fee, a Don’t Q representative will make sure that you have gathered the correct documentation, visit the relevant traffic office and stand in the queue on your behalf, collect the renewed license and deliver it to you.
All you need to provide us with is:

  • Four black and white photographs with a white background and no smiling,
  • Your current driver's licence (if not already expired) or your ID/passport,
  • Don't Q will take you to the Licensing Department to have your fingerprints taken and eye test done. There is no queuing at the department as one of our representatives will be waiting in the front for you.

You will be issued with a temporary licence immediately which is valid for 6 months. Your new licence will be ready in approximately 6 weeks.

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