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Very few of us have time to stand in queues during working hours, whether it is for applying for an essential document to our daily existence, for example a personal South African ID document, personal passport or whether it is for anything mundane like trying to get a birth certificate !!

Having a personal South African identity document is imperative to one's everyday existence – should you open a bank account or even apply for an account at a clothing store, the first thing that would be required from you is your ID document. Few of us can afford a whole morning or entire day standing in long extended queues for these really important personal documents, therefore companies like Don't Q are life savers.

You would like to book for your next holiday and find that local holidays are really expensive, but opting for a holiday to an exciting destination could be just the thing you have dreamed of for many years – now that you have the money, your passport has expired and is in desperate need of renewal – Let Don't Q come to the rescue. For the renewal of personal passports Don't Q are the obvious route to go. And what about that essential personal visa form that is also so much part of travel today? Don't Q is the one-stop-service company that can fill those very needs you really have little time to attend to. Instead of going through your travel agent which is the route that most of us go, at an exorbitant price, why not use Don't Q for personal passport services – we are qualified and professional, handling all your important documentation, saving you a fortune of time.

For those that are applying for certain jobs or are looking to immigrate, one of the most important documents required, besides compulsory medical tests, would be your police clearance certificate to ensure that you do not hold a criminal record.

Complete the form on the right of this page and Don't Q will contact you and show you how easy and straight-forward it can really be to get a police clearance certificate, personal passport, personal visa form, or a driver's licence renewal .

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