Migration to Australia

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If you’re thinking of immigrating to Australia and would like to find out more about your visa options, we can assist you through our partnership with Mosaic Migration– a specialist immigration consultancy based in Sydney.

There are a range of visa options available as either a skilled professional, tradesperson or a business migrant wanting to live in Australia.
You can:

  • apply as an independent migrant
  • be nominated by an Australian State government
  • be sponsored by an Australian employer
  • invest in or establish a business in Australia
  • invest in Australian State Treasury Bonds or managed funds.

If you have an Australian child, parent or partner, you may be eligible for family stream migration to Australia.

Australian migration law is complex and is constantly changing to suit the needs and demands of the Australian economy. Avoid the pitfalls and make your Australian immigration a success by seeking advice from a registered migration professional.

If you have skills and qualifications or employment that may lead you to Australia, or if you are an entrepreneur wanting to invest in Australia, or perhaps you have Australian family you would like to reunite with, contact us …...