Vehicle Services

Few of us living in South Africa have not experienced the frustration of standing in overly-long queues and having to wade through reams of red tape to get important documents like vehicle licence renewals, driver's licence renewals re-issued or renewed, all pertinent and essential to maintaining and driving motor cars. This is as much part of owning a car as having it serviced on a regular basis.

The car registration fee does not necessarily have to be done through the motor dealership when purchasing a vehicle either, as you can save yourself frustration, time and money by visiting to find out how to have this done efficiently, quickly and fuss-free.

Every five years we have to renew our drivers licence – Where to find someone who would be willing to stand in a really lengthy queue for driving licence renewals? This is not very productive and could take up to half a day or even at times a whole day – Don't Q has the perfect solution for you.

An official notification to renew your vehicle licence will arrive in the post annually. A grace period of 21 days is given after the date of expiry of you vehicle licence.

Don't Q, for a fee, will send a representative to collect all the correct, relevant documentation, and will do the leg- work for you – no more lengthy time-consuming queues for vehicle registration, driving licence renewals, vehicle licence renewals or motor vehicle registration