Car Licence Renewal

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Once a year, an official notification to renew your vehicle licence will arrive in the post. You have a grace period that gives you 21 days from the expiry of the licence disc for you to renew the licence

Let us queue for you. For a nominal service fee, a Don’t Q representative will make sure that you have gathered the correct documentation, visit the relevant traffic office and stand in the queue on your behalf, collect the renewed vehicle licence and deliver it to you.
All you need to provide us with is:

  • A copy of your renewal notice. If you did not receive a notice, then just your vehicle registration number,
  • A clear copy of your ID/passport (preferably scanned),
  • And the vehicle licence renewal fee.

We charge you an estimate of the cost of your renewal plus our service fee.  Actual charges vary by vehicle weight and any possible penalties (either for late renewal or outstanding fines).  

Renewing your licence with the help of Don’t Q will take 2–3 days. If the documentation is received before 9am, it will be processed and ready for you  the following day.