SA ID Card

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If you are older than 16 and born in South Africa, you need a new Smart ID Card to identify yourself during routine transactions such a visit to the bank and at special occasions such as national elections.  If you are South African citizen born outside of SA then you will need a green bar-coded Identity Document (ID).
You can apply for a re-issue of your ID if:

  • Your ID has been lost, damaged or stolen,
  • You are born in South Africa and wish to change from the green bar-coded ID to a new Smart Card ID,
  • You need to change your particulars,
  • You are a woman who has recently gotten married or divorced,
  • Or you are an immigrant with permanent residence.

Would you like to be able to apply for this important document conveniently, without taking time out of your day to stand in a queue?

Call Don’t Q and for a nominal service fee, a Don’t Q representative will make sure you have gathered the correct documentation, take you to the relevant Home Affairs office and ensure that you are first in line. We will also assist to collect your ID.

You will need to make an appointment with one of our consultants who will take you to Home Affairs and assist you with all aspects of the application.

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